Various computational approaches, model organisms, and their associated developmental processes

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Various methods employed by the DevoWorm group.

Graphical Analysis of Developmental Trees (AoDT):

Information Isometry (see Information Isometry Technique Reveals Organizational Features in Developmental Cell Lineages. bioRxiv, doi:10.1101/062539.

AoDT Github repository link.

Cell Type Alignment:

CAST Alignment (see Quantifying Mosaic Development: Towards an Evo-Devo Postmodern Synthesis of the Evolution of Development Via Differentiation Trees of Embryos). Biology, 5(3), 33.

CAST Alignment Demo link.

Embryo Networks:

4_dimensional Structure (see Cell Differentiation Processes as Spatial Networks: identifying four-dimensional structure in embryogenesis). BioSystems, 173, 235-246.

Theoretical Types of Embryo/Developmental Networks link

Embryogenetic Connectome Github repository link.

Dynamical Heterochrony:

Jupyter Notebook and Manuscript link.

Triangular State Machines (TSMs):

Github repository link.